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Ninja Smoke Bombs Recipe (Cara Buat Bom Asap ninja)

Ninja Smoke Bombs

Smoke bombs is what Ninja's would use to make an escape. Otherwise known as Ka Ton Jisu, the art of using fire and smoke for purposes of offense, defense, infiltration and escape.

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Tips For Making Homemade Ninja Smoke Bombs

- When grinding them into powder, grind well.

- Also, you can use a paper towel as a case for when it hardens, and as a fuse when you light it.

- Do not inhale the smoke.

- Using the second method, be sure not to ignite the mixture within the pot or else you might be burned.

- Obviously do not light the mixture indoors.


~ Saltpeter
~ Sugar
~ A beverage container
~ Baking soda (it slows the combustion of the mixture, thus resulting in more smoke)
~ A lighter or match
~ Mortar and Pestle or something to grind the saltpeter and sugar into powder.
~ Cooking Pot
~ Stove or other heat source

Method 1 How To Making a Ninja Smoke Bomb

Potassium Nitrate and Sugar Method

**** This is very dangerous and should be attempted only by people with training and experience. This is provided as information only and is not a recommended activity. ****

**** Potassium Nitrate is perfectly legal to buy in the US, if you can't find it at the drug store, look for it at a garden or home improvement store labeled as stump remover. ****

1) Buy Potassium Nitrate (Saltpeter) at your local drug store or lowes or possibly home depot. However much you buy is based on how many smoke bombs you want to make.

2) Get some sugar, yes, sugar (preferably dark brown as it makes the smoke thicker). Next get a container with an open lid.

3) Grind the saltpeter and sugar separately into fine powder. It must be a fine powder. Because these materials are flammable, be very careful to avoid sparks while grinding.

4) Mix them together, three parts saltpeter and two parts sugar by weight.

5) Put in about a tablespoon of baking soda

6) Pour the mixed powder into the soda can.

7) Now get a fuse or piece of string soaked in lighter fluid or something else that burns easily. Stick it in the top of the can so enough is sticking out.

8) Place it somewhere strategically, and light it on fire.

9) Have fun, and be careful.

Method 2 Ninja Smoke Bombs

Potassium Nitrate and Sugar Method

1) Get Saltpeter and sugar.

2) Mix 3:2 ratio together in cast iron pot.

3) Heat slowly over flame until the mixture is completely melted (should look like peanut butter).

4) Carefully pour/scrape into mold or container and let cool

5) Insert fuse while mixture is soft.

6) When completely hardened, take to desired location and let cool.

7) Alternative: When pouring into the mold, insert another tube, about the size of a marker. Try to get it all the way through. This will create a shaft to allow for more rapid combustion and thicker smoke production. You can then use a fuse the full length of the mold, packing it in with cotton, to let it start faster.



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